We sell eligible products on your behalf.

You earn up to 60% of the sale price and we do the work. Learn all about selling with us on this page.

Sell with us in five easy steps

1. Check your products are eligible

Get to know all about what we sell, don't sell and our product criteria here.

2. Complete the online selling form

You can complete the online selling form here each time you sell with us, so we have some contact info for you and your products.

3. Get your products to us.

Drop them off, organise your own shipping or purchase a Selling Kit through the online selling form.

4. Sit back, we'll do the rest!

When your accepted products are online, we'll provide you with a login to your Selling Account to view products and earnings.

5. Payday!

You can request a payout for products seven days after they have sold.

What can I sell?

Product eligibility and criteria

Key selling information

All eligible products will be uploaded to our website for sale and move through a ten week sale cycle:

  • Six weeks at full price
  • Two weeks at 25% off
  • Two weeks at 50% off

You will be able to track your products and earnings in your online Selling Account.

What can I earn?

Your share is based on what price your product sells for (excl. GST).

  • $1 - $64.99 50% of the sale price
  • $65+ 60% of the sale price

We determine the sale price of a product based on:

  • Its overall condition
  • Whether it's opened or not
  • How much shelf-life is left

From time-to-time, we will run extra promotions on our website that may affect the selling price of your product. E.g. A 30% storewide sale.

Recently sold products

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Selling FAQs

We are consignment-based, which means that we sell products on behalf of our Sellers. Payments are only issued after a product has been sold.

Provided they meet our eligibility criteria, yes. You can check your product here and see the minimum condition we accept it in.

There are certain products we do not sell if they have been opened or used. For example, we do not sell used lipsticks.

You have the option to have unaccepted or unsold products returned to you for the cost of shipping ($5.00 for standard or $9 for rural shipping).

Otherwise, we are happy to recycle or responsibly dispose of unaccepted products on your behalf.

You can read our full Terms of Selling here.

At the moment, it takes us up to five working days to assess your products. We'll send you an email to let you know what products have or haven't been accepted.

Processing and uploading your products to our website can take a further five to seven working days.

You can request a payout for products 7 days after they have sold.

Provided your payout meets the above criteria, we will process it within 3 working days into your nominated bank account.

From our Sellers

The whole selling process has been so easy! Thank you for finding my products a new home :)


I purchased a large selling kit which made it so easy to sell my products! Packed them up and had them picked up from my front door. Within a month everything had sold and I didn't have to do anything!! Thank you Second Skin.


I couldn't rate Second Skin more highly. It combines social good and sustainability practices to provide the perfect solution for someone like me.


Second Skin is amazing because I can easily resell the products that aren't for me.