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Selling FAQs

Getting started

We are consignment-based, which means that we sell products on behalf of our Sellers. Payments are only issued after a product has been sold.

Yes, we do sell certain opened or used products, provided they meet our product criteria.

You can view the condition we accept each product type in here. For example, we do not sell used lipsticks!

Accepted products are listed on our website for ten weeks and go through a sale cycle:
- six weeks at their original price
- two weeks at 25% off
- two weeks at 50% off

If unsold after ten weeks, you can choose to have your products returned to you for the cost of shipping. Otherwise, we can recycle and/or responsibly dispose of them for you.

As we cannot determine whether a product will be accepted until we have seen it in person, you have the option to have unaccepted products returned to you for the cost of shipping ($4.50 for standard or $8 for rural shipping) or to have Second Skin recycle or responsibly dispose of the product.

We'll always double-check with you before returning a product.

You can read our full Terms of Selling here.

Getting my products to you

You can either:
- Drop off your products.
- Organise your own shipping or;
- Purchase a selling kit which includes a pre-paid NZPost courier label and packaging to send your products in.

If you are organising your own shipping, we recommend using Trade Me's Book a Courier service as they have great rates for NZPost and you can book a pick up right from your front door - without the need for a printer either!

Yes! We are located at: 1/14 Akepiro St, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024.

Drop Off Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 11am - 3pm
Saturday: 11am - 1pm

Please note: You will need to complete our selling form prior to dropping your products off.

Selling Kits are optional. However, they make it super easy to get your products to us. All you will need to do is pack your products, pop the courier label onto your package and book a pick-up for it.

A Selling Kit includes:
- A pre-paid NZPost courier label
- Packaging to send your products in

We currently offer three sizes:

Small $8.50 - A padded A5 bag. Fits a couple of average-sized products and a few samples.

Medium $10.50 - An A5 sized box. Fits 7-10 average-sized products and some samples.

Large $12.50 - Large box. 340L x 197W x 108H (mm). Fits 15 - 18 average-sized products and some samples.

*Average sized products are based on a 50 mL moisturiser or a 30 mL serum/foundation.

At the moment, it can take us up to five business days to assess your products. We'll send you an email to let you know what products have or haven't been accepted.

From there, processing and uploading your products to our website can take five to seven business days.

Getting paid

Sellers earn a percentage of the sale price (excl. GST) after a product has been sold. The commission is based on what price the product sells for.

Commission structure: $1 - $64.99 = 50% of the sale price (excl. GST)

$65+ = 60% of the sale price (excl. GST)

*GST is Goods and Services Tax, 15% of the sale price that we are required to pay to Inland Revenue.

We determine the price based on multiple factors of the product:
- If it is unopened or not.
- If it is opened, how much product and shelf-life remains.
- The condition of the packaging.

We typically start by taking 20 - 25% off the product's RRP, and then we will further discount the product depending on the above factors.

From time-to-time, we will run extra promotions on our website that may affect the selling price of your product. E.g. A 30% storewide sale.

Payments are issued into the Seller's bank account on the first Tuesday of every month following the month that the product was sold. E.g. If the product is sold in May, your share would be deposited on the first Tuesday in June.

Sold Out
Coco Eau De Parfum, 100 mL - Second Skin
Coco Eau De Parfum, 100 mL
Sold Out
Honey Infused Hair Oil, 50 mL - Second Skin
Honey Infused Hair Oil, 50 mL
Sold Out
A Tahaa Affair Eau de Parfum, 100 mL - Second Skin
A Tahaa Affair Eau de Parfum, 100 mL
Glasshouse Fragrances
Nearly New
Sold Out
Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder - 2 Medium - Second Skin
Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder - 2 Medium
Charlotte Tilbury
Brand New
Sold Out
Santal 33, 50 mL - Second Skin
Santal 33, 50 mL
Le Labo

From our Sellers

"Second Skin is amazing because I can easily resell the products that aren't for me and all I have to do is pack them up for the courier"

Birdie R

"I love Second Skin!! The process of selling is so easy. I love knowing that my products are going to a new home rather than being wasted"

Jo W

"I couldn't rate Second Skin more highly. It combines social good and sustainability practices to provide the perfect solution for someone like me."