We give resale-friendly beauty items a second chance.
It's a win-win for you and our planet.

Not every product will be your favourite.

And that's OK. Because there's a good chance it will be somebody else's favourite.

We give resale-friendly items a second chance by selling them on your behalf. You get up to 60% of the sale price, and we do all of the work to get them to their new home.


Resale-Friendly Criteria

Some items just aren't fit for resale. Like an opened jar of moisturiser or a used lipstick - uh, no thanks! And this is where our Resale-Friendly Criteria enters the chat.

Whether you are selling or shopping with us, getting friendly with our criteria is a must.


Samples of your choice

The cosmetics industry currently produces about 122 billion plastic sachets per year for product sampling.

We set up our Self-Select Samples initiative so anyone can responsibly pass on their unwanted samples and our customers get to enjoy their pick of up to two samples with their order. Win-win!