(Re)Sell with us

We do the work. You get the credit.


How it works

We give resale-friendly skincare, haircare, beauty and fragrance items a second chance by selling them on your behalf.

You get up to 50% of the sale price (excl. GST) while we do the work to get your accepted products to their new home.

It's free to sell with us and there are no hidden costs. All you need to cover is getting your items to us.


What we can sell on your behalf

We only sell brand new or gently used products that are resale-friendly.

Get friendly with our criteria so you know exactly the condition we expect your items to be in, as well as the items we do not accept and sell.

For example, we don't want to see any used mascaras or open jars of moisturiser.


Pricing & Commission

Accepted items will be priced at what we believe to be a fair market value, taking into consideration the following:

  • The price it's selling for from the brand or retailer.
  • Its overall condition.
  • Whether it's opened or not, and how much product is remaining.
  • How much shelf-life is left.
  • Demand for the item.

Your commission is based on the price each individual product sells for (excl. GST).

  • $1 - $64.99 50% of the sale price
  • $65+ 60% of the sale price

Getting your items to us

After completing an online selling form, you'll need to organise getting your items to us so we can assess and process them.

We offer multiple ways to suit you:

  • Drop them off to our warehouse in Grey Lynn.
  • Courier them using your preferred company.
  • Purchase a Selling Kit, which includes a return courier label and packaging to send your products in.

Keeping Track of Your Items

Accepted items are listed on our website for a total of 10 weeks.

  • Six weeks at full price
  • Two weeks at 25% off
  • Two weeks at 50% off

We'll give you a login to your Selling Account to view your accepted items, earnings and payouts.

As well, you will be notified by email throughout the selling process.


Unaccepted Items

After your items have been processed, you will have the following options for any unaccepted items:

  • Pick them up
  • Pay for shipping to have them returned
  • Leave them with us to dispose of safely with our TerraCycle Zero Waste Box™

If you opt to pick up any unaccepted items or have them returned, we ask that you do so within 10 working days from the date your items have been processed. We are unable to provide detailed feedback on unaccepted items.

We do not donate unaccepted items. As we have determined them unfit for resale, they aren't fit for anyone else.

Selling FAQs