Meet anastasia

Hi! I'm Anastasia, the Founder and Owner of Second Skin.

I started Second Skin in April 2020 after purchasing a skincare product that my skin negatively reacted to. Although I had carefully researched the product, it wasn’t until I had bought it and tried it for myself that I knew it wasn’t for me – which left me with a near-new product that I had no use for and $55 out of pocket.

I realised that there are so many reasons you might end up with a product that won’t get used up. Whether it’s because you were gifted a fragrance that isn’t your scent, purchased a foundation that wasn't a colour match or a skincare product that didn’t work for your skin. The reasons are endless, yet there wasn’t a solution in NZ for this. So that’s where Second Skin comes in - to help give the unloved products a chance to be loved by someone else.

Anastasia x

Since launching our website...

- We have given over 10,000 products a chance to be loved.

- Worked with over 2,000 incredible Sellers.

- Launched "Free Samples with Purpose", giving those easy-to-accumulate free samples a way to be used up.

- Recycled 100+ kgs of cosmetic packaging.