Terms of Selling

1. Second Skin Ltd (we, us, our) acts as a service provider to the Seller. 

2. We will inspect the items the Seller has provided to sell on their behalf. Only items that meet our Resale-Friendly Criteria will be accepted for sale.

3. We aim to process items sent to us within no more than 15 working days after receiving them.

4. We will determine the actual selling price and sell the accepted items on behalf of the Seller. The actual selling price is determined by the original RRP, condition, and age of the item.

5. We reserve the right to offer additional discounts and promotions during the ten-week Selling Period without notice to the Seller.

6. The Seller will receive a commission of the sale price excluding GST (Seller's Commission). Seller's Commission is based on the price (excl. GST) the item has sold for and will operate as follows:

(a) $1 - $64.99 = 50% of the sale price (excl. GST)

(b) $65+ = 60% of the sale price (excl. GST)

7. Accepted items are listed online for a total of ten weeks. The pricing will operate as follows:

(a) Six (6) weeks at full price

(b) Two (2) weeks at 25% off the full price

(c) Two (2) weeks at 50% off the full price

8. We will provide the Seller with an online Selling Account to keep track of accepted items and earnings. Only accepted items will be uploaded to the Selling Account.

9. If the Seller selects not to have unaccepted items returned, the unaccepted items will be responsibly disposed of.

10. If the Seller selects to have unaccepted items returned, the Seller will have 10 working days to collect their items or provide their return address. Any costs of shipping for the unaccepted item(s) to be returned will be deducted from the Seller's Selling Account.

11. Payouts can be requested by the Seller 7 days after an item has sold. The Seller can check their sold items and account balance in their Selling Account. It is the sole responsibility of the Seller to keep track of their account balance and to request a payout.

12. We will process the Seller's payout to their nominated bank account within 3 working days of a valid payout request made by the Seller.

13. Accepted items that are listed on www.secondskin.nz may be withdrawn by the Seller. There is an $8.00 administrative fee per withdrawn item that will be deducted from the Seller's Selling Account. The Seller will need to collect their items or provide their return address. Any costs of shipping for the withdrawn item(s) to be returned will be deducted from the Seller's Selling Account.

 14. We will exercise reasonable care with items sent to us at all times. However, items are only processed on the basis that the Seller accepts all risk of loss or damage while items are with us.

15. We are not responsible if items sent to us go missing or are damaged by a courier. In the event that a package is damaged on arrival, we will communicate this to the Seller as soon as practical.

16. Subject to the exclusions set out in our Privacy Policy, all of the personal information you have provided will be treated as confidential. We will exercise reasonable care with your personal information at all times. We will act in accordance with our Privacy Policy and ensure that the Seller's information will only be used for the purposes of carrying out our service.

17. The Seller agrees to indemnify us for any loss, costs, or damages that may arise directly or indirectly as a result of any faulty or defective item listed or sold on the Seller's behalf.

18. Notwithstanding the previous clauses, we will not be liable for any losses, costs, expenses or damages that exceed the listed price for the item.

19. We reserve the right to make changes to the consignment process at any time.

Terms of Selling - August 2023