A Personal Journey Sparks a Bright Idea

A Personal Journey Sparks a Bright Idea
A Personal Journey Sparks a Bright Idea
Finding the perfect skincare or makeup item can be challenging in a world where the beauty industry constantly churns out new products and trends.
We've all been there – you meticulously research a product and finally make the purchase, only to realise it doesn't work for your skin or suit your preferences. This frustrating experience led Anastasia to start her own venture, Second Skin, in April 2020. 

"My journey began with a simple purchase that ended up causing my skin more harm than good. I had diligently researched a skincare product and thought I had found the perfect match. However, once I tried it, my skin had an adverse reaction, leaving me with an almost untouched product and $55 down the drain. It was this incident that sparked the idea for Second Skin.

My story is relatable to many of us who have found ourselves with products we can't use. Whether it's a fragrance that doesn't resonate, a foundation that doesn't match, or a skincare product that is different from what you thought it might be, we often end up with unused items that clutter our beauty shelves. 
I realised there was a gap in the market for a solution to this problem in New
Zealand, and Second Skin was born."
Anastasia's Vision
Anastasia's journey from a frustrating purchase to creating Second Skin highlights the power of innovation and turning challenges into opportunities. Her vision for a platform that breathes new life into unused beauty products reflects a growing trend toward conscious consumerism in the beauty world.

So, whether you're a makeup artist with products that didn't quite make the cut for your kit or a skincare enthusiast who wants to find a new home for products that didn't work for your skin, Second Skin offers a unique solution that benefits both your beauty routine and the environment.

Anastasia and Second Skin are rewriting the narratives of unloved beauty products, allowing them to shine in the spotlight again.