Someone's Unloved Product Could Be Someone Else's Holy Grail

Someone's Unloved Product Could Be Someone Else's Holy Grail - Second Skin

There are two words we frequently use when describing the products listed on Second Skin: "Unloved Product".

You must be thinking "Why on earth would I want to purchase a product that's unloved?" Well, we believe that someone's unloved product could be someone else's holy grail.

We decided to create our own "Second Skin" definition of the term. 

1. Skincare or makeup that didn't work out, yet are too good to let go to waste. 
"I had this unloved product that was going to go to waste, but instead I sold it with Second Skin so someone else could enjoy it".

It's estimated that 80% of purchased cosmetics aren't actively used. Because there are so many reasons why a product might not work out for a particular person, there are a lot of products left to collect dust. 

To combat this issue, we sell unloved products on behalf of everyday people who want to see their product go to a new home.

So we asked those people, our Sellers, what their reason was for their unloved product.

  • "It turns out I am allergic to one of the ingredients, so I can no longer use this product."

  • "I was given two of the same lipstick for my birthday, and I only needed one."

  • "I thought I was going to get more use out of this eyeshadow palette, but I hardly reach for it."

  • "I purchased this foundation online because it was on sale, only to find it didn't match my skin tone."

While the list goes on, the points above all share one thing in common; the product's owner knew it had the potential to be loved by someone else. 

Did we mention we make buying unloved products as easy and enjoyable as selling them?

We talked to two of our customers who loved their experience with Second Skin, and this is what they had to say about the unloved products they purchased.

Stella says…
"I had my eye on an $80 serum but ummed and ahhed over it for a while as I wasn't sure it was going to work for my skin.

I went onto Second Skin's website and saw the exact serum I wanted but for a fraction of the price. It had 60% product remaining, but I was okay with that because I got to try the product knowing if it didn't work out, I hadn't invested the full price into it.

I absolutely love it, and I'm so grateful for Second Skin."

Emily says...
"Second Skin gives me the confidence to purchase pre-owned products. I love thrifting clothes and furniture, but never thought to do the same with cosmetics because of the "hygiene factor".

I gave Second Skin a go because of their drive for sustainability while assuring safety, and I'm so happy I did because I purchased two of my favourite products knowing I saved them from going into landfill."

So, while it's easy to keep a draw full of unloved products or shop for entirely new products, know that there are products already pre-owned that are waiting to be someone else's holy grail.

Sell your unloved products or shop for your new holy grail.