How (Re)Selling Works

We do the work. You get the credit. We give resale-friendly beauty products a second chance by selling them on your behalf.



Products you can (Re)Sell

Our customers know and trust us for the high quality of products we accept and list.

We accept skincare, haircare, beauty, fragrance and accessories that are authentic, haven't expired or been damaged.

All products must be resale-friendly and meet our beauty product criteria.

There are certain products we do not accept and sell if they've been opened or used - like used mascara, lipstick, open jars of moisturiser etc.

P.s. If you're not sure if a product of yours is resale-friendly, chat with us over on our live chat!

Commission & Pricing

Your commission is based on the price your product sells for.

$1 - $99.99: You get 45% of the sale price (minus GST)

$100+: You get 50% of the sale price (minus GST)

We'll price your accepted products at what we believe to be a fair market value, taking into consideration the following:

  • The price it's selling for from the brand or retailer.
  • Its overall condition. Whether it's opened or not, and how much product is remaining.
  • How much shelf-life is left.
  • Demand for the item.

Please note: From the 15th of June 2024, our commission is changing. Read more here.

Tracking Your Products

Your accepted products are with us for 10 weeks.

  • Six weeks at full price
  • Two weeks at 25% off
  • Two weeks at 50% off

We'll give you a login to your (Re)Selling Account that you can use every time you sell with us to keep track of your accepted products, earnings and previous payouts.

Seven days after a product (or more!) has sold, you can request a payout.